Hi everyone!

My name is Lynette, and I’m the junior SEO specialist for Miami-based cloud-computing company and Google Premier Partner 0NL9, Inc. The company is one of only 11 Google Premier Partners in the world. Pretty cool, huh? As the SEO specialist, my job is to get people to visit our site, and then, once they’re on it, make sure they stay there. It’s all about minimizing the bounce rate and increasing customer engagement. I’m also in charge of doing the SEO for SQRES, the web-based task management app we launched last year, and a few of our clients. When I’m not busy doing SEO, I act as the company’s social media manager, making sure our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles are always engaging and kept up to date.

I graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in Spanish in 2011. I spent three years working full time before deciding to go back to school. In January 2014, I enrolled in the University of Florida’s online Master of Arts in Mass Communication with a  specialization in Social Media program. (I know–It’s a mouthful!). Throughout this two-year program, I hope to learn the skills I need to succeed in the growing industry of Internet marketing.

When I’m not spending time at the office or hitting the books, I spend a great deal of time over the weekend traveling back and forth to Orlando to visit my boyfriend. He and I met at UF four years ago. Gotta love the Gator family! When I’m not making that four-hour commute, I enjoy traveling to new cities and countries (when the funds permit), trying new restaurants (I’m a major foodie), spending time with my family, dancing and reading up on anything and everything to do with pop culture.

I’m looking forward to blogging throughout my program and beyond!

Lynette Zilio in Barcelona

This is a picture of me eating gelato on La Rambla in Barcelona during the summer of 2013. I flew to Madrid, Spain to visit my sister who was studying abroad there. Together, we took a trip to Barcelona.



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