I Eat, Sleep and Drink Pop Culture

E! Pop of culture

Ever since I could remember, I’ve had a fascination with the entertainment world. As a journalism major during my undergraduate years, I always had the dream of working for E! in some way, shape or form. Now, with several years of work experience under my belt and a master’s degree in mass communication and social media in the works, I believe I would be a great entertainment reporter for E!.

Growing up listening to the greats like Larry King and getting to witness the talents of my generation, like Ryan Seacrest and Mario Lopez, I’ve been able to understand what it takes to be a good interviewer and how to really engage your audience.

Ryan Seacrest

I’ve admired Ryan Seacrest’s work ethic as someone who rose in the ranks from morning radio host to entertainment reporter to primetime TV show host to E! producer. I actually had the fortune of meeting him while I was interning for The Miami Herald and covering the American Idol auditions in Orlando, Fla. back in 2009 (See picture below). Ryan’s interview with Selena Gomez last year where he played ping pong with her while asking her questions showed how relating to your guest can make a world of difference. I am proud to say that my work ethic is one of my strengths. No matter how many hours it takes, I am willing to put forth as much effort as I can to get the job done.

Ryan Seacrest

Larry King

Larry King is the master of tough interviews. To me, he represents what it means to keep composure no matter how tough your guest is. His 2010 interview with the eccentric Lady Gaga was one of the most memorable ones for me. While most reporters would’ve had a tough time with her since she never gets out of “character,” the 79-year-old reporter kept his composure. Larry has always been a professional, and I, too, have learned that professionalism should be above all else when interviewing someone.

Mario Lopez

And finally, Mario Lopez, one of America’s sweethearts. He has come a long way from his days as Slater on “Saved By the Bell.” Mario’s likability and professionalism have carried him far in this field.┬áLike Mario, I, too, have been told by everyone I’ve interviewed that I am easy to talk to and very relatable.

Why hire me?

Since graduating from the University of Florida, I have expanded my horizons and worked in public relations, social media, sales, marketing and SEO. I am versatile and learn quickly. And throughout the years, my love of pop culture has remained unchanged.

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