Blog Review: Reality Rocks, The Sartorialist and Perez Hilton

Reality Rocks

Reality Rocks is a blog featured in Yahoo! Music. It combines writer “Lyndsey Parker’s pop-culture passions, music and reality TV, for coverage on American IdolThe Voice and more.” I would consider this blog to be semi-professional, even though it’s affiliated with a major company like Yahoo! because Lyndsey adds her own opinions to each of her posts. In a professional blog, such as Mashable, the author would leave his or her opinions out of the posts. The purpose of Reality Rocks is to inform and entertain readers. What makes it unique is that Lyndsey focuses on the topic of reality TV. While there are other writers out there who write about TV and the entertainment industry, she is one of the few I’ve seen who solely focuses on this topic while adding some humor to it.

Yahoo! is known for creating “highly personalized experiences that keep its users connected to the things that matters most, across devices and around the world.” Its homepage always features the latest celebrity news, so Lyndsey’s blog suits the brand perfectly. People visit the blog to find out what Lyndsey thinks about a particular reality TV show topic. For example, Lyndsey will write a blog post the same night that an American Idol episode airs, so people will read her blog to determine who they should be voting for.

Based on the bullet points from this week’s lecture, I would say that Reality Rocks is a successful blog. On average, Lyndsey publishes new content on her blog about two to three times per week and also makes sure her content is original and fresh. Lyndsey is active on Twitter and has included social sharing buttons at the top of each blog post.

My one criticism of her blog would be that it doesn’t let you subscribe. It seems to just allow you to save a particular post or click on the “more like this” button so that Yahoo! will show you posts that are similar to these in the future.

The only advertisers I saw on the blog site were Zulily, Metro PCS, Simply Measured and Instant Checkmate.

Reality Rocks

The Sartorialist 

The Sartorialist is a recreational fashion blog created by Scott Schuman in New York. Scott is dedicated to taking pictures of people in New York who are wearing something that catches his eye. “He describes his philosophy as trying to echo how fashion designers looked at what they saw on the street: ‘I thought I could shoot people on the street the way designers looked at people and get and give inspiration to lots of people in the process.'”

What makes this blog unique is its use of photos instead of content to get its point across and the fact that Scott is considered by many to have “pioneered fashion photography in blog form.” I believe these photos stay true to the overall brand because they all contain people dressed in very unique outfits. Actually, I believe these pictures are what keep drawing people to this blog site. (Think Humans of New York, only less writing and more photography). Overall, I think people visit this site to explore the latest fashion trends and to check out the cool photography.

The Sartorialist is a successful blog because it includes social sharing buttons such as Facebook, Twitter and email; fresh, original content is published almost every day, except for Saturday and Sunday; and it makes it very easy for readers to subscribe to the blog. Aside from this blog, Scott Schuman’s work has been featured in GQVogue ItaliaVogue Paris, and Interview. There are no advertisers on the site.

To improve its blog, I think The Sartorialist should include a sentence or two as the caption for each picture it posts in its blog. I think readers want to know more about the people in the photographs, what they’re wearing and where they might be able to buy something similar.

The Sartorialist


Perez Hilton is a semi-professional pop culture blog. Created by American blogger and TV personality Perez Hilton, this blog is known for covering celebrity gossip. Perez is also known for posting tabloid photographs over which he has added his own captions or “doodles.” Perez Hilton takes a very casual, humoristic approach to blogging, and that’s why people love reading the posts on this blog so much. (Think TMZ, only it’s even more informal). really reflects Perez Hilton as a person. He is known for his extremely outgoing personality, for outing alleged closeted celebrities and for feuds with such celebrities as Lady Gaga and Ke$ha.

Perez Hilton


While Perez’s Hilton’s blog content tends to be very controversial, I would say that his blog is successful based on the bulleted points in this week’s lecture. Each post has multiple social sharing buttons; the blog itself has links to all of Perez Hilton’s personal social media accounts; and new, fresh, original content is posted multiple times a day. Each post not only contains text but also an image to go along with it. The blog features such advertisements as ModCloth and Camry.

To improve this blog, I would suggest that Perez Hilton exercise better judgement in what material gets posted. While everything he posts is quite humorous, I find that it isn’t always the most accurate. Successful blogs should strive for accuracy as often as possible.